Sometimes, there are things which are really unacceptable, but we do have to accept the way it goes. This brief write up is based on a true story.

I don’t like mentioning names, I like telling stories in the most simplest of formats. But, since we are humans we tend to move away from the track, because of some unwanted incidents that shape around us. Still, in this write up, I’ll just mention the character.

People often believe that the educated mass living in any corner of the globe are to be respected. They are esteemed, they are dignified, they are from somewhere where they have a ‘class’; sometimes, they are institutions, sometimes they are regarded as the ‘educated’.

frustrated-e1375796924733What is educated? Who is educated? Why we call someone educated? A tough question with so many answers.

First answer goes out to the front doors. The city or urban people are most likely regarded as educated. The people with monstrous degrees under their belts, are educated. With good results and international workshop certificates, we are known to be educated.

In a third world country, once an educated (to be) father-in-law cancels a marriage of a girl by trying to force her for body check up and that she has asthma and won’t conceive- that person too is known as educated.

This is in the world of education we’re living in. This is how we’re feeling the heat of the education. To hell with this education, says the girl. Admonishes the (to be) groom, who also wants his parents to have full right over the girl and they can check, scrutinize, even go deep into her body.

This girl, also my colleague for a long time is pissed off, and why she shouldn’t be?

She’s a writer, a blogger, very brilliant girl, indeed but she had to go through this frustration, some sort of anger. She says, she’s laughing out loud seeing this predicament.

So, once Aamir Khan featured this issue on his show on TV where he pointed out the city people, the educated people are the ones who give immeasurable mental and physical stress to the wives, not the rural people.

“So, how did this happen”, I asked my colleague. Let’s read the horrific conversation between her and the educated (to be) father-in-law

“Neither you or your family shared with us that you have asthma”

“I’m not suffering for the past two years”

“You know, you need to go with me to the hospital and my personal doctors will check you”

“I’m sorry, you need to talk to my parents”

“So, you’ll not listen to us”

“No, since, it’s my personal issue”

“Do you know you may not conceive, if you don’t get rid of this disease?”

“No, I don’t want to know”

Later the educated man calls up her father and says the engagement is no more. The girl’s family feels what have they done wrong.

Nothing- to me, nothing. This family is blessed that this relationship isn’t going any further. The (to be) groom also talked with her and said, if she doesn’t listen to his parents, he has barely got anything to do.

These people even tried to curb down her social media appearance.

Ridiculous, isn’t it? It is indeed and we are at the end of the day, educated. Let’s all pray for my colleague that she was saved from an upcoming horrible conjugal experience.

No matter how much it now hurts her, it hurts her for good. And, the society should be slapped hard for all these abnormalities and to whom we should seek assistance for such a heinous crime.

No one. No one. No one. Sincerely, I don’t feel like writing a single word.